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Under the Covers: Getcha grub on

Grub, as defined in the book of the same name by Anna Lappé and Bryant Terry: grub* (grəb), n. 1. Grub is organic and sustainably raised whole and locally grown foods; 2. Grub is produced with fairness from seed to table; 3. Grub is good for our bodies, our communities, and our environment. *Grub should be universal ... and it's delicious. Last night, I went with a cadre of social Gristers to a book reading and signing by Lappé and Terry at the Elliott Bay bookstore. Their book, Grub: ideas for an urban organic kitchen, is half scary facts and figures about our food system and the chemicals therein, half earth- and people-healthy menu plans (complete with soundtrack suggestions and short poems and essays to compliment the meal), and 10 percent resource guide. (And apparently I suck at math.) Much like the book, the reading was a good mix of factual bits and personal stories about the authors' relationship with food, spiced with bits of humor. Lappé, coauthor (along with her mother, Frances Moore Lappé) of Hope's Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet and cofounder of the Small Planet Institute and Small Planet Fund, joked about a book she reads when she needs a laugh, Saving the Planet with Pesticides and Plastics. Terry, a chef and founding director of b-healthy!, chuckled about his past forays into fruitarianism and even breatharianism before realizing he was a "grubarian," adding that "to embrace grub, you don't have to give up anything -- except maybe a mouthful of pesticides." The real fun, however, began after the bookstore event.

From Hip-Hop to Hybrid

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From Bikes to Butte

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The barnstorming band that’s changing the world, one campus at a time

Singing a new song: Guster rocks out for eco-awareness. Photo: Ian B. Johnson.   After welcoming some 1,500 fans to a concert at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Wash., last week, Ryan Miller …

From Thandie to Tahoe

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From Pam to Pitt

We particularly look forward to the melons appetizer Everyone from brawny Texas firefighters to glitzy Hollywood celebs is going veggie, which just goes to show tofu’s power to bring not only indigestion, but peace to …

From Rodents to Rainforests

I’d put my acorns in those cheeks Squirrel sex is hot. So hot, in fact, that Canadian researchers are studying the relationship between global warming and the mating habits of flying squirrels — small rodents …

Something Fishy: World Water Day

A celebration of all things H2O

Ahoy, me hearties! Arrrr you excited about World Water Day? Well ... arrrr ye? Begad, mateys! Do tell me ye know what the fuss is all about? Why, today is the one day a year wherein we celebrate the briny (and non-briny) deep as we should all year. I daresay, 'tis the best holiday of 'em all. (OK, perhaps the second best.) So sing a chantey, grab a noggin of rum, and let's yo-ho-ho, if ye know what I mean. Recognized formally for the first time in 1993, the World Day for Water was designated by the United Nations as a yearly commitment by member nations to devote time to implementing U.N. recommendations and promoting concrete activities related to water issues. Last year's World Water Day marked the start of the second "U.N. International Decade for Action: Water for Life." (During the first U.N. decade on water in 1981-1990, it's estimated that more than a billion people gained access to safe drinking water.) Wanting to get in on all the U.N. action, NGOs have used the holiday to push for clean water and sustainable aquatic habitats (that'd be where the "something fishy" comes in). There are events going on everywhere, but one of the major haps is the 4th World Water Forum that's been going on in Mexico City since March 16. Held every three years by the World Water Council, these forums are international arenas for open dialogue on water-related policy-making. And, as you may have noticed (as pirates of the über-informed variety), there's always much buzz in the media about water issues during one of these forums -- which is exactly the idea, I suppose. Even the godly have gotten involved in the water wars. The Ninth Assembly of the World Council of Churches has called on their religious brethren to "work together to preserve and protect water resources against over-consumption and pollution." Which totally makes sense, because What else Would Jesus Drink? Seriously, though, ye lads and lassies, why all the ruckus about H2O?

From Portman to Polo

It’s better than Mickey Mouse Club Just when you think Natalie Portman can’t get any cuter without doing irreparable harm to the space-time continuum — she’s immune to bad hair days, we tell you! — …

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