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Scott Dodd is Grist's executive editor.

From the Editor

The Grist holiday letter

What a year we had!

From the Editor

Help Grist hold Trump and his media enablers accountable

We’ll need fearless, fact-based, in-your-face environmental reporting in the Trumpocene.

From the Editor

Let’s fight for the future we want

Grist must shine its beacon brighter than ever.

From the Editor

Grist tried to make sense of an election that didn’t

How'd we do?

Eyes on the Prize

Top U.S. climate negotiator warns the world is watching our deplorable election

The Paris climate deal will never be fully “Trump-proof,” Jonathan Pershing says. But rolling back progress wouldn’t be so easy.

Storm Warning

It’s official: Hurricane Matthew is a monster.

It's already one of the strongest Atlantic storms ever recorded.

Storm Comin'

October hurricanes aren’t supposed to be this scary.

After devastating Haiti, Hurricane Matthew -- one of the most powerful late-season storms on record -- is aiming for the U.S. coast.

You Break It, You Bought It

Pro-tip: It costs a lot when you spill tar sands oil into a river

Enbridge just got socked with the largest fine ever for a U.S. pipeline spill.

Election Guide ★ 2016

We’re here to make sense of an election that doesn’t

A lot of crucial issues are at stake this year. Too bad pols aren’t talking about most of them.