Scott Rosenberg

Scott Rosenberg was Grist's executive editor. He's the author of Say Everything and Dreaming in Code, founder of and co-founder of He covered technology for a decade and wrote theater and film reviews for another decade, and has yet to resolve the resulting left-brain/right-brain conflict.

April is Happiness Month at Grist

Join us as we explore the compelling questions that lie at the intersection of Bliss and Green.

Get small

March is ‘Get Small’ month at Grist

Do massive, planetary-scale dilemmas look different at eye height? In March, we intend to find out, as we seek micro solutions to macro problems.

Your new Grist front page — tried and tested

You, the jury, made your choice! We tested two different versions of our homepage and are adopting the simpler one that performed better.

7 Billion, Unpacked — A Comic Written by Lisa Hymas. Illustrated by Thomas Pitilli. Lettering and headers by Warp Graphics.

Grist comic wins population prize; babies still happening

The Population Institute honors our illustrated feature "7 Billion, Unpacked."

The sharing economy: Grist’s theme for January

When we start substituting sharing for buying, fascinating changes -- disruptions, opportunities, and maybe even climate benefits -- can follow. We'll explore them this month.

Hot in here: How the ‘If you’re 27 or younger’ meme took off

When you boil a complex statistic down to a phrase that connects with people, it finds a home in our minds.

EPA administrator Lisa Jackson has left the building

President Obama's lead environmental regulator leaves a record with some signal achievements but little headway on the biggest climate challenges.

secret agent with a megaphone

Mission astonished: Thanks for your donations!

Grist's year-end fundraising appeal hit its mark. Here are the numbers.

Shift the gift: Dematerializing the holidays

Introducing our theme for December: how a Grist editor's "no presents this year" letter sparked a wave of holiday-season rethinking.