Scott Rosenberg

Scott Rosenberg was Grist's executive editor. He's the author of Say Everything and Dreaming in Code, founder of and co-founder of He covered technology for a decade and wrote theater and film reviews for another decade, and has yet to resolve the resulting left-brain/right-brain conflict.

Eliteschmerz: Chris Hayes explains why the meritocracy doesn’t feel your pain

MSNBC host and polysyllabic wunderkind Chris Hayes talks about elites, electricity, and the ethos of competition.

Senators fiddle while nation burns

After three years of silence, the Senate finally held a hearing about the climate. Watch the video highlights and weep.

Welcome to Grist’s new home page

We just pulled the (biodegradable) wrap off our new home page design here at Grist. Come on in! Tell us what you think.

Heat brings U.S. climate debate to new boil

Are clean-energy policies already rescuing the planet? Or is it time for us to put a price on carbon that costs the fuel industry trillions?

Healthcare ruling’s environmental fallout: What is the meaning of ‘inactivity’?

The conservatives who failed to overturn Obamacare did manage to put a ridiculous new legal doctrine into play that will plague sensible environmental regulations for years.

Our coal, such a steal! Peabody Energy’s sham auction goes down

While the media focused on the healthcare decision, the federal government just sold a little piece of Wyoming to a private company for a fraction of its worth.

New York gave fracking companies inside track on regulations

The "stakeholder outreach" reached out to drilling companies -- and no one else.

‘Stand back, I’m going to try science’: Inside the brain of ExxonMobil’s CEO

Rex Tillerson says his company's all about science, activists are "manufacturers of fear," people are ignorant, climate change is real, but don't worry because we'll adapt. What?

Supremes uphold healthcare reform; I eat crow

Thank goodness, my prediction was wrong: The court lets Obama's health plan survive to be tested where it should be, at the polls in November.