Scott Rosenberg

Scott Rosenberg was Grist's executive editor. He's the author of Say Everything and Dreaming in Code, founder of and co-founder of He covered technology for a decade and wrote theater and film reviews for another decade, and has yet to resolve the resulting left-brain/right-brain conflict.

Five ways to argue with a Keystone XL pipeline supporter

The next time you're cornered by an oil-guzzling blowhard, or even someone who honestly believes the Keystone XL pipeline is a good thing, here are the arguments and the information you'll want to have at your fingertips.

Boehner invites pipeline pals to State o’ Union

As the camera pans around the Capitol chamber for President Obama’s State of the Union address, see if you can spot the representatives from the state of Oil: four avid supporters of the Keystone XL Pipeline who will attend the …

Why the latest geek cause really does matter to the planet, too

Congress is busy trying to wreck the internet again in the name of cracking down on piracy. Today, Grist joins many other online groups in opposing the latest proposals to, in effect, censor the online world.

Sometimes content management systems feel like this

We’ve been working under the hood

Today, Grist is switching our publishing system. You shouldn't notice any big changes for now. But since this is technology we're dealing with here, glitches are always possible -- so help us out and let us know if you see …

Pipeline power game: Why the GOP wants to humiliate Obama

There was only one last-ditch demand Republicans in Congress rallied around in the end-of-year budget negotiations that concluded today — a black line in the tar sands drawn by the conservative legislative machine. In order to approve a payroll tax-cut …

Tell us how to Occupy Grist

Occupy Wall Street could be the first step towards a saner, smarter future -- and Grist is there with you to help make sense of it.

Feeding frenzy: Who's behind the unsavory food stamp parodies

Two sensationalist videos about government food assistance have gotten the attention of conservatives recently. One may not be what it seems.

Odd sounds from the new editor's office

When I first hung out my shingle as a freelance writer, I tacked a postcard over my desk. It showed a picture of the earth from space against a black background and a quotation from the pioneering naturalist John Muir: …