Sean Casten

Sean Casten is president & CEO of Recycled Energy Development, LLC, a company devoted to profitably reducing greenhouse emissions.

It's the electricity, stupid

As energy use goes, so goes the economy

Economic activity tends to track energy use. In particular, demand for electricity is a reliable predictor of economic growth. Recent trends in electricity demand portend bad news for the economy (and the Democrats).

To PV or not to PV, that isn't the question

Clean energy: It’s not about the technology

Suppose two factories produce and sell identical widgets at $1 each. Now, suppose a law is passed to provide one of those factories with $9 of additional revenue per widget. Clearly, this is law will distort markets. The $10 widget manufacturer will attract more investors and it will lobby hard to preserve that law. Meanwhile, the $1 manufacturer will struggle. If it survives, it will be through cost control and niche markets. After a few years of this, the $1 manufacturer may well have the better product, given their focus and discipline, while the $10 manufacturer will likely have the …

Remember when we called this stuff "cheap"?

Coal-fired power was the big loser in the economic downturn

There’s some interesting new data out on recent shifts in electricity demand and consumption, courtesy of the DOE/EIA. In 2008, total U.S. power generation was 4.1 million GWh. In 2009, that fell by 4 percent, to 3.9 million. That’s a 4 percent reduction — clearly the result of the economic slowdown. Nothing surprising there. What’s interesting, though, is how generation shifted by fuel type. Over the same year, coal-fired power generation fell by 11 percent, from almost 2 million GWh to just under 1.8 million. US electricity generation, 2008-09Source: EIA Annual Carbon report, 2010 Enough numbers. The point is, generation …

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