Sean Casten

Sean Casten is president & CEO of Recycled Energy Development, LLC, a company devoted to profitably reducing greenhouse emissions.

So how much would a $20/ton carbon price really cost?

First I said that we shouldn’t confuse wealth transfers with economic pain. Then I said that a $20/ton carbon price works out to a 1.4 …

Do the math

Economic impacts of carbon pricing

Yesterday, I explained why we shouldn’t confuse wealth transfers with taxes. Today, I fulfill my promise to follow up with math. (Contain your excitement!) On …

Moving money from A to B does not cause it to disappear

Cap & trade: Carbon tax or wealth transfer?

It’s an article of faith that cap-and-trade will raise our energy costs, but it’s not necessarily true. The ubiquity of this faith makes clear that …

Lowered expectations

Coal + CCS: not as expensive as other things!

If I told you that my cross-over dribble was better than Stephen Hawking’s, would you build an NBA franchise around me? If I told you …

Dream harder

Massive economic and policy reform: Easier than you think

It seems to me that we suffer from a failure of imagination. We dream of a low-carbon world, but can’t quite fathom how to get …

Bring out your nerds

CHP primer: Fun with thermodynamics

Those of us who believe (as I do) that there are massive opportunities to reduce US energy costs while simultaneously lowering our greenhouse gas footprint …

Chill, con Carnot

Me in The New Republic

See here for a guest editorial I just got published in The New Republic. Nothing that I haven’t written about before on Grist, but always …

The psychedelic FERS

Fossil Energy Reduction Standard: A better RPS

Photo: WhiteGoldWielder via Flickr Previously, I described difficulties with RPS policy, whereby layers of patches designed to address political problems create a convoluted overall structure …

Patches for our patches

RPS, EERS and energy politics

I think this one’s got it! There is a belief that with the Democratic shift in Congress, we finally have the votes to get a …

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