Seth Shulman

Seth Shulman has worked for more than 25 years as a writer and editor specializing in issues in science, technology and the environment. A graduate of Harvard University, he has written five books and hundreds of articles for magazines including Smithsonian, The Atlantic, Parade, Discover, Rolling Stone, Popular Science, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Progressive, and Time, and for newspapers including the Times of London, The Boston Globe, and The Los Angeles Times.

Climate Change

Digging for permafrost in the Last Frontier

How much carbon is being released by the thawing of the Arctic's so-called permafrost? Ecologist Ted Schuur braves Alaska to find out.

Spotlight: Wenhong Li, Duke University

Linking ‘big weather’ to global warming

Most people are understandably confused about the relationship between global warming and natural variability in the weather. After the huge snowfalls in the northeastern United States over the past few months, for instance, many people …

Spotlight: Bethany Bradley, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Will climate change hasten the spread of invasive plants?

Bethany Bradley probes the link between climate change and "alien invaders." The climate scientist studies weeds such as kudzu and purple loosestrife.

Spotlight: Julienne Stroeve, National Snow and Ice Data Center

Measuring fast-melting Arctic sea ice

Julienne Stroeve shows how dramatic changes in Arctic sea ice are occurring right now -- with enormous consequences for the whole planet.

Spotlight: Thomas Knutson, NOAA

Global warming promises stronger hurricanes

Thomas Knutson studies storms and his research predicts that global warming is likely to mean fewer, but stronger Atlantic hurricanes.

Spotlight: John Guinotte, Marine Conservation Biology Institute

Coral doctor sounds the alarm about more acidic seas

CO2 has acidified the oceans, and marine biologist John Guinotte says that spells trouble for coral reefs and for the marine ecosystem as a whole.

Spotlight: Richard Seager, Columbia University

Dust Bowl 2: Drought detective predicts drier future for American Southwest

If you’re one of the tens of millions of people who live in the southwestern United States, get ready for drier weather. That’s the message from Richard Seager, a climate scientist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty …

Spotlight: Inez Fung, University of California at Berkeley

Math whiz tackles the big carbon sink puzzle

Inez Fung is on a mission to find and account for every gram of heat-trapping carbon dioxide on the planet. And she knows where most of it is hiding.

Spotlight: Benjamin Santer, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

CSI: Climate scene investigator

How do we know that human activities are responsible for warming the planet? Because just like criminals, climate change culprits, such as smokestack or tailpipe emissions, leave behind distinctive signatures or patterns. All climate investigators …