Stephen Lacey

Stephen Lacey is a reporter with Climate Progress covering clean energy issues. He formerly worked as a producer/editor at

Beyond budget cuts: top five policy priorities for clean energy

Even with cuts looming, there are feasible policy steps we could take toward clean energy.

EIA releases skewed energy subsidies report to Congress

The EIA admits its data is limited and doesn't give a full picture of the subsidies landscape, but released the report anyway.

Obama fuel efficiency deal could leave loophole for Detroit

New fuel efficiency standards, expected to be announced tomorrow, give auto manufacturers a chance to re-negotiate after 2021.

Been there, tried that: 'Climate Pragmatism' pushes failed strategy

New 'Climate Pragmatism' report ignores science, perpetuates right-wing myths, and advocates a "no regrets" approach.

Green jobs growing even as economy wilts

Job postings in sustainability have quadrupled in two years.

Industrialized countries are now losing the clean energy race

Developing countries now lead investment in clean energy -- representing about $72 billion in spending in 2010, versus $70 billion in rich countries.

In dimwitted move, GOP set to repeal lightbulb standard that saves billions

Republican lawmakers want to repeal the Energy Independence and Security Act, which saved consumers money by setting lightbulb efficiency standards.

Anatomy of a solar PV system

Solar photovoltaic gets a lot of attention compared to other forms of clean energy, but the attention is deserved.

Groundbreaking solar plant in Spain generates 24 hours of power

In Spain, a new Torresol concentrating solar power plant is the first ever to generate electricity for 21 hours.