Stephen Lacey

Stephen Lacey is a reporter with Climate Progress covering clean energy issues. He formerly worked as a producer/editor at

TransCanada says Keystone XL will be ‘safest pipeline in the U.S.’

The existing pipeline has seen 12 spills in one year, but the company reassures citizens that Keystone XL will operate with a "high degree of safety."

Mythbusters: debunking the claim that fuel economy standards ‘kill people’

Opponents of fuel-efficiency standards say the push toward smaller cars increases traffic fatalities, but it could be big cars that pose a danger.

Record heat causes nation's water pipes to 'burst like geysers'

The EPA helps towns with infrastructure upgrades that can prevent the problem. Too bad politicians in Texas want to shut the agency down.

After North Sea oil spill, Shell plans to continue Arctic drilling

The Interior Department acknowledges the effects of climate change in the region but approves more drilling for fossil fuels there.

It's time to shed more light on solar's potential

As journalists cover record spikes in electricity demand, why are they ignoring solar photovoltaics?

DOE panel calls for more study of fracking emissions

The panel's findings acknowledge that studies have produced conflicting results about just how "clean" the natural-gas industry is.

Bachmann asked the 'job-killing' EPA for money to stimulate local economy

Despite recent threats to shut down the EPA, Michele Bachmann has solicited its economic benefits for her home state numerous times in the past.

Rick Perry prays for an end to drought and EPA regulations

The rain prayers haven't worked yet -- maybe the Texas governor's prayers against the EPA won't, either.

Bachmann pledges to have the EPA's 'doors locked and lights turned off'

If Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann can't abolish the EPA like she promised, she may just try to lock employees out of the building