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Steve Cowell's Posts


As the caulk crows

Energy efficiency: the unsung hero of our times

As our economy continues to sputter, one little-noticed industry has been booming for a while now: energy efficiency. The sector is hiring like crazy -- a fact that speaks volumes about the close relationship between clean energy and the economic recovery that we're all waiting for. Energy efficiency could save us all. My firm works with utilities, government agencies, housing authorities, and other groups to help increase energy efficiency. We started in 1984 with three employees and one office. Today, we have nearly two dozen offices nationwide and employ 700 staffers from coast to coast. Most strikingly, we've added more …


A Green Cure for the Blues

Home Star: Let’s move past the talk and get to the action

Now that it has passed the House of Representatives with flying colors (246 to 161), we are thisclose to making Home Star a reality. This is the plan, supported on both sides of the aisle, that would give U.S. homeowners rebates for energy-efficiency improvements that cut energy consumption. Most importantly, Home Star will put many of the country’s construction folks and blue-collar wage earners back to work, so let's get it passed in the Senate and on President Obama's desk already! The bill has unique bipartisan support and is backed by one of the largest coalitions to hit Washington in …