Susan Zakin

Susan Zakin is author of Coyotes and Town Dogs and a regular contributor to Field and Stream.

Grazing saddles the West with a heck of a problem

The drunk who said it was right. Denial is not a river in Egypt. But it may be a river in New Mexico. Or Arizona. Or Nevada or Utah. Maybe Montana. The river is 20 feet wider than it was, say, in 1840. The only cottonwood on its banks is just about that old, magnificent but half-dead. Trout don’t swim in the water. Cowbirds, not flycatchers, nest on the banks.   Belsky and a number of her colleagues, including Robert Ohmart of Arizona State University, now predict that if livestock grazing in the West isn’t severely cut back, restoration will …

Is the military about to blow its chance to protect southwestern desert land?

A bombshell exploded a few weeks ago in the midst of tangled negotiations over the fate of the 2.7 million-acre Barry M. Goldwater Bombing Range in the Sonoran Desert of southwestern Arizona. Mohawk Dunes, Goldwater Bombing Range. The Air Force accidentally dropped a 500-pound bomb April 30 on a part of the range that the Air Force is proposing to turn over to the Bureau of Land Management, said Col. David L. White of the Air Force. The BLM wants to include the land in a national conservation area that would be open to hikers, hunters, off-road vehicle users, and …

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