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Susanne Rust's Posts


Scientists develop material to trap carbon dioxide

As atmospheric carbon dioxide levels continue to climb, a team of California scientists has created a new material that will help reduce the amount escaping from smokestacks and power plants. The material, called polyethylenimine, or PEI, acts like a carbon dioxide fly-tape trap, attracting the greenhouse-gas molecules and sticking to them so they can't escape. Indeed, carbon dioxide is so attracted to the material that the team says it can pull the molecule right out of the air, something other carbon filter materials have not been able to do well. "This is really an important quality," said Alain Goeppert, a …

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PG&E green program helps preserve forests, but so did taxpayers

For every bit of energy a PG&E ratepayer uses -- turning on a vacuum cleaner, powering up a computer, or heating up an oven -- a little part of a tree or forest is saved to erase the carbon sins of the customer. The voluntary program costs ratepayers an average of $60 a year. But the company isn't telling its customers one crucial fact: Those forests were purchased years ago by a Virginia-based conservation group that used nearly $50 million in loans and grants from California taxpayers. That group, The Conservation Fund, then sold PG&E carbon credits on the land …