Susie Cagle

Susie Cagle writes and draws news for Grist. She also writes and draws tweets for Twitter.

There’s too much garbage for just two garbage patches

Scientists have discovered a new floating garbage island off the coast of Chile.

If transit doesn’t run on time, riders may just stop riding

People don't mind crowding so long as the bus or train shows up on time, according to a new study.

California teams up with Amtrak on high-speed rail

Amtrak and the California High-Speed Rail Authority are joining together to purchase about 60 high-speed trains over the next 10 years.

drawing of California's planned high-speed train

How to get absolutely freaking (almost) everywhere in California without a car

The California Rail Map is a subway map unlike no other.

So much hope and so many problems for the L.A. river

After they tore down river wetlands, can the Army Corps be trusted to rebuild?

European agency declares popular pesticide too dangerous for bees

The world's most widely used insecticide is unacceptable for use around bees, says a new report from Europe's food safety agency.

Idle No More: A primer on the indigenous green movement

The grassroots Idle No More movement is taking on green issues worldwide.

USDA offers up new seed money for small farmers

The new $35,000 loans could help bolster small, local farming outfits.

‘Sustainable communities’ give Glenn Beck nightmares

Glenn Beck made this fun word cloud of his biggest green fears, from "social justice" to "restoration." Thanks, Glenn Beck!