Susie Cagle

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Can fed-up Oregon organic farmers get a GMO ban on the ballot?

A measure on the 2014 ballot would give voters the opportunity to outlaw the farming of GM crops in Southern Oregon.

Silicon Valley’s ‘unbuilt Manhattan’ is best left unbuilt

Ken Layne at The Awl calls for razing Silicon Valley's suburban hellscape in favor of denser development, but that's not the right way to remake the Bay Area.

RE-volv is making a community pot of solar gold

A new project aims to finance solar-power systems through a replenishing community fund -- and it's seeking donations.

Big 50-year plan could make Detroit greener and healthier

A new blueprint for the Motor City, backed by big bucks from foundations, calls for more open space, better mass transit, and big changes in land use.

The sharing economy, from soup to nuts

Tool libraries! Coworking spaces! Car sharing! The “collaborative consumption” revolution is upon us. Here’s what you need to know to take part.

New food-safety rules are not making us feel all that nauseated

Both food-safety advocates and the food industry seem to like the rules aimed at preventing food-borne illness. Too bad they're so slow in coming.

Keystone protesters take the fight to TransCanada offices

Activists mobilized on Monday at TransCanada offices in Houston and Westborough, Mass. Next up: big protests in D.C. and New England.

GMO labeling initiative gets rolling in Washington state

A similar ballot measure was killed in California last year. Can a grassroots effort defeat big corporate money this time around?

Chevron’s own firefighters might have contributed to Richmond refinery fire

After one pipe exploded, Chevron's firefighters might have accidentally triggered the explosion of another one.