Susie Cagle

Susie Cagle writes and draws news for Grist. She also writes and draws tweets for Twitter.

Feds predict end times for Colorado River water

About 40 million Westerners rely on the Colorado River today. By 2060, the river will be severely overtapped, according to a government report.

From farm to table, we’re losing tons of food

Forty percent of the food grown in the U.S. is trashed -- and a lot of it is still perfectly edible.

anti-Keystone protestors

Judge reverses course, lets Keystone XL construction continue

Unfortunately, TransCanada's "oil is oil" logic worked in the courts this time around. But pipeline opponents get another hearing next week.

Tiny twisters could power your town — someday

Canadian inventor Louis Michaud has a big idea, and now he has some big funders, too.

Pesticide chemicals linked to food allergies

A new study suggests a link between rising food allergies and our ubiquitous and beloved pesticides.

How eco-awful is your Christmas tree? Experts are split

Tree farms might soak up lots of carbon, but some critics still think renting a potted tree is better.

Ohio fights a multi-front war against blight

State and city officials are going after blighted properties and empowering citizens to clean up their own neighborhoods, too.

Public transit use is up — again!

For the seventh consecutive quarter, millions more Americans rode trains, subways, and buses.

From bike shares to urban farms, Philadelphia is on the rise

And a new office of urban innovation could spur even more eco-futurism in the City of Brotherly Love.