Susie Cagle

Susie Cagle writes and draws news for Grist. She also writes and draws tweets for Twitter.

Urban ag-tivists take over San Francisco condo construction site

Activists say they're fighting private development of urban farmland. But is this the best way to do it?

Get your city fix: Parklets, DIY bike lanes, and other hometown improvement projects

Inspired by crosswalk vigilante Anthony Cardenas? Then check out these other city hacks of questionable legality.

Grist talks wildfire on NPR’s Talk of the Nation

Susie Cagle told the story of how her family's house burned down in a 1977 wildfire -- and about watching a fire burn on the hill above it, threatening to torch it a second time.

This guy tried to make his street safer, and ended up in jail

Vallejo, Calif.’s Anthony Cardenas is only the latest in a long line of civic hackers who love them some DIY crosswalks. City officials aren't so hot on the idea, however.

Do helmets really keep cyclists safer?

A recent photo of a guy and his kid riding without helmets spawned an intense Facebook debate. What do we really know about these things?

Living with fire: Survival and stubbornness in California wildfire country

Susie Cagle’s family’s house burned to the ground in a 1977 wildfire. They rebuilt. She’s still trying to understand why.

Poverty moves to the suburbs

According to a new study from the Brookings Institution, big city lights may be growing brighter by the day, but the 'burbs are broke.

Is the sharing economy skidding out?

New York is cracking down on peer-to-peer business. What could that mean for the rest of the sharing economy?

Can we blame climate change for the tornado that took out Moore, Okla.?

Sometimes natural disasters are just that: natural.