Susie Cagle

Susie Cagle writes and draws news for Grist. She also writes and draws tweets for Twitter.

Could clones save California’s endangered redwoods — in Oregon?

Only 5 percent of old-growth redwood forest remains, but activists are stepping up -- with their trowels.

Green branding sells for Patagonia

The fleece purveyor is super-sustainable -- or at least as much as it can be selling clothes to Americans.

Students’ fossil-fuel divestment campaign aims at colleges’ creamy moral centers's campaign to create pressure on universities to divest from fossil fuel companies is not just rolling -- it's snowballing.

Hundreds of new winter farmers markets open for the season

There are 52 percent more farmers markets open this winter than there were last winter. Stock up on that kale!

Will the devastated monarch butterfly take flight again?

Activists are working to help these cute bugs rise to their former glory.

China’s going greener, even if it means flattening 700 mountains

Expanding the country's dirtiest city will mean flattening the landscape.

Please don’t brush off this request

With your help, Grist can draw more eyeballs and recruit more agents of change.

Tim DeChristopher banned from dangerous acts of ‘social justice’

The climate activist, now done serving time for disrupting an oil lease auction, has been banned by feds from working in a church's social justice ministry.

California pot farms poison animals, cute and less cute alike

Fishers are ruthless, but marijuana farmers are even worse: They're poisoning the wildlife around their illegal plots in public forests.