Susie Cagle

Susie Cagle writes and draws news for Grist. She also writes and draws tweets for Twitter.

‘The climate gap’: Extreme weather hurts poor the most

Droughts, floods, storms, and fires hit America's low-income communities hardest, according to a new analysis.

Best bed-bug poison may be Merck meds for humans

A Merck drug used to treat elephantiasis may be the best bed-bug killer out there.

Occupy’s ‘Rolling Jubilee’ is a model for cooperative purchasing power

Could Occupy Wall Street's "People's Bailout" be scaled up to bail out the environment?

Americans less optimistic about Obama’s environmental impact

A new poll shows Americans are not as hopeful about Obama's ability to make positive environmental change as they were in 2008.

Dole sued over dirty banana plantation

The world's largest producer of fresh fruits and veggies is accused of destroying wetlands and local farms in Guatemala.

Walmart wants to be sustainable? It should start with its labor force

Walmart is expanding its "Sustainability Index" to make its products greener. But it should start with its labor force: Workers are planning a big "Black Friday" strike.

Expect more farm-fresh food in school cafeterias, thanks to $4.5 million from USDA

The Department of Agriculture is doling out grants to build connections between schools and nearby farmers.

California leads the way in green energy, but not green living

The Golden State may be funding clean energy like crazy, but lots of Californians still want to live in the car-happy suburbs.

U.S. building is going green for profit, not for the climate

More developers and property owners are committed to green building, but because it will save them money, not because it will save the planet.