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Listen to your conscience, Grist readers

We're appealing to your altruistic superego in our quest to collect 2,500 generous gifts of support.

Heady Colo. farmers plowing ahead with hemp farming

One Colorado farmer has planted the nation's first big industrial hemp crop in 60 years. Yes, it's still illegal.

These cartoon bears care more about the environment than you do

Smokey isn't the only fictional bear who cares about the environment.

Green vs. green: The slimy battle for Drakes Bay

The fight over a San Francisco Bay Area oyster farm has pitted eco-minded conservationists against eco-minded local foodies.

Anatomy of the ag-gag

A gag too far: How ag-gag laws can backfire

As Big Food pushes harder to limit farm exposés, it may only broaden and strengthen the animal protection movement.

Anatomy of the ag-gag

So you want to document farm abuses?

Use this handy illustrated guide to find out if a farm protection or ag-gag law would get you into trouble.

Anatomy of the ag-gag

Two views on ag-gags: The investigator and the farm advocate

Do these laws stop whistleblowers from exposing abuse -- or protect farm security?

Anatomy of the ag-gag

The state(s) of the ag-gag

Check out our interactive map of all of America's farm protection, or ag-gag, laws, from 1990 to today.

Anatomy of the ag-gag

Troubled slaughter: Big Ag fights to keep out prying eyes

The industrial farm lobby is pushing tough laws that turn documenting animal abuse into a criminal activity. How did we get here?