Susie Cagle

Susie Cagle writes and draws news for Grist. She also writes and draws tweets for Twitter.

Jailed for eco-activism, and then jailed for blogging about eco-activism

Daniel McGowan was first imprisoned for allegedly participating in an Earth Liberation Front arson, then he was thrown in jail again for exercising his free speech.

Just, um, do it? Climate action, sponsored by Nike

The Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy coalition wants President Obama to see how expensive climate change can be.

Changes on the horizon for California’s troubled Salton Sea?

New efforts to save the Salton Sea from ecological disaster are winding their way through the California state assembly.

Toxic algae is wiping out Florida’s manatees

At least 463 manatees have died in Florida so far this year, more than half because of a toxic red tide.

Climate changes for wine regions could mean hangovers for wildlife

Researchers predict a two-thirds fall in production in the world's top wine regions by 2050, which could push vineyards into critical wildlife areas.

American kids still pretty lead-poisoned

More than half a million kids under 5 are suffering from high blood lead levels, according to the CDC.

Meet Roy Blunt, the senator from Missouri — and Monsanto

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.). The "Mo." doesn't stand for Monsanto -- we think.

Good news, Arkansas: Tar-sands oil isn’t oil-oil

The federal government doesn't consider tar-sands oil to be "oil" -- which means Exxon might weasel out of paying for damages.

Two new bills aim to save California farmland from rampant sprawl

The two proposed bills would create tax incentives for city farms and dense development, plus protect the state's existing farmland.