Susie Cagle

Susie Cagle writes and draws news for Grist. She also writes and draws tweets for Twitter.

Even the Tea Party is pissed about the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

Good thing, because it's going to take a lot of political power to defeat Big GMO Ag.

All those fracking jobs come with an increased risk of lung cancer

High amounts of lung-penetrating silica dust could cause permanent damage and even cancer.

Sandy refugees set to be booted from NYC hotels

Hundreds of families are poised to lose their temporary housing as New York City looks to wind down a hotel-placement program.

Gene discovery could breed veggies for a warmer planet

Scientists are making progress in developing a GMO lettuce that can grow in scorching heat. Um, yay?

Tar Sands Blockade wins sponsorship deal from Kryptonite bike locks

A corporate sponsorship seems counter to the blockade's politics, but it may be a means to ending the pipeline.

National Farmworker Awareness Week highlights a dirty labor plight

This week highlights the struggles of the millions of farmworkers who handpick American produce.

Local schmocal: Why small-scale solutions won’t save the world

We like to think we do our part by buying local and riding our bikes. Not so, says author Greg Sharzer. We need a revolution!

cracked concrete

Frackers dodge responsibility for earthquakes, science be damned

Substantial evidence has linked fracking to earthshaking. What now, oil and gas?

Flies that eat organic live longer, make more fly babies

Organic food may not be proven best for humans, but a new study points to it being best for the little bugs that annoy humans.