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Watch: David Roberts on ‘Up With Chris Hayes’

Not inclined to wake up on a Saturday at 4 a.m. PST? Even to see our own beloved David Roberts hold forth on capitalism, politics, and more on MSNBC's Up with Chris Hayes? Fine, we've got your back. Watch the entire stream here:

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Wanted: Voices from the Occupation

Photo: Paul SteinOne month in, it's clear that Occupy Wall Street is here to stay -- and we know intrepid Grist readers are a part of it. Some of you may have shown solidarity from afar by sending a protest pizza. We're betting others have donned full-on war paint and marched (or perhaps pedaled) down to your local occupation. The reasons aren't hard to see. Grist readers are engaged, motivated, and quick with a quip -- handy for crafting a cutting slogan, sure, but even more useful in providing leadership and fire for moving us towards a future we can …

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Hacking for the planet

ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US: Anonymous hacktivists go green.In a protest move that makes ELF operations look like knocking off a few small-town liquor stores, international "hacktivists" Anonymous just announced a plan to pursue hacking campaigns in support of green causes. The first victim of Operation Green Rights was ginormous biotech firm Monsanto, which Anonymous targeted for "corrupt, unethical and downright evil" business practices. Monsanto confirmed the attack, though it downplayed the damage. From Anonymous: We blasted their web infrastructure to s*** for 2 days straight, crippling all 3 of their mail servers as well as taking down …


NOAA’s terrifying tornado time-lapse [VIDEO]

By now, most of us know last month was the busiest April ever for tornadic activity; with May hosting the deadliest single tornado on record, the whole country's talking about the Fujita Scale, core bursting, and Helen Hunt like it's 1996. For those who refuse to even talk about the links between twisters and climate change, Bill McKibben drops a dose of hot, buttery sarcasm in a valiant attempt to pull a few heads out of the sand over at the Washington Post. Now NOAA offers up some raw data, cleanly and terrifyingly executed: In the following time-lapse animation, April's …