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Vice, Vice Baby

VICE chases melting ice in Greenland

VICE CEO and TV host Shane Smith talks about his adventures chasing melting ice in Greenland and covering climate change -- "the biggest story."

Iron Maiden singer will fly around the world in a giant hybrid airship

Iron Maiden singer, pilot, and hero Bruce Dickinson will circumnavigate the globe in the biggest thing that's ever flown -- a huge hybrid balloon.

Climate & Energy

Water & oil: One battle to save the Sacred Headwaters ends, another begins

In the conclusion to our series, Shell Canada makes a surprising move in Northern B.C., and residents look to what's next.

Climate & Energy

Water & oil: Under threat, Sacred Headwaters’ immune system kicks in

In part 2 of our series on Canada's Sacred Headwaters, tensions grow as a small First Nations tribe draws support from near and far for a showdown with Big Oil -- and itself.

Climate & Energy

Water & oil: How natives & neighbors of the Sacred Headwaters battled drillers and won

In remote B.C., tribal elders, fishermen, hunters, and ordinary folks won a six-year fight to kick Big Oil out of their salmon-bearing backyard. Our three-part series explores what we can learn from their climate win.

Legalize pot, save a lot of energy

To be blunt: Indoor marijuana cultivation accounts for 1 percent of all U.S. electricity usage. But legalization would help weed go solar.

Climate & Energy

Harrison Ford crusades against climate change, illegal logging in Indonesia

The Indiana Jones and Star Wars star gets threatened with deportation after confronting Indonesian officials over illegal logging and climate impacts. Total badass.


Sea otters, who already had us at hello, will now help clean up the ocean

Sea otters returning to California estuaries are countering our nitrogen runoff, restoring sea grass ecosystems, and boosting marine cuteness by 400 percent. Squee!

Climate & Energy

Heat-related disasters? There’s a map for that

Help us track the summer's extreme heat and weather incidents with this magical map we made in like a day.