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Happy now? If not, author Gretchen Rubin has tips for you

Best-selling writer and joy genius Gretchen Rubin talks about how personal moves toward a happier life can lead to a better, healthier planet for everybody.


It’s official: Just the taste of beer makes your brain happy

Finally, proof that beer equals delicious joy.

How greens can stay happy, without drugs

This will surprise and shock you: It is sometimes hard to stay positive and be an environmentalist.

Climate & Energy

Exxon revolutionizes energy by delivering it straight to your face

ExxonMobil puts energy in your lawn, on water, on birds, and in your pants so you'll never have to go without.


How to survive election-day insanity

Election Day is here, and it's all over but the shouting -- and the boozing, and the eating, and the recounts, etc. Here's how Grist readers plan to survive the night.

Inside Grist

Rap battle: Save us from ourselves [VIDEO]

Dawg, we're cursed, this $#*! is wack -- gotta speak in verse, so we're spittin' rap. Now we don't mean to put on the squeeze, but we need your help to earn some G's.

Climate Skeptics

Nine out of 10 psychos agree: Heartland’s bonkers climate billboards need company!

The Heartland Institute's billboard campaign linking belief in climate change to mass murder and global genocide ended way too soon! We're remedying that. Herewith, more psychos and maniacs share moments of zen and proven wisdom.


The weirdest, worst PR crap we’ve seen this Earth Day

Earth Day 2012 drops on Sunday, and it's more than just an opportunity to celebrate and protect our fragile blue marble. It's also a chance to shill lots of crappy products and services. Here are some of the weirdest.

Climate Change

Hot on the trail: Exploring parks threatened by climate change

Writer Mike Lanza wanted his kids to experience our national parks before climate change alters them forever. So he took his entire family on a year-long quest to visit our most endangered wild places.

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