Terry Tamminen

Terry Tamminen is the former secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency and is now a policy adviser and author. His latest book is Watercolors: How JJ the Whale Saved Us.

We Must Lead It

In his inaugural address this week, President Obama committed us to get back to work on the challenge of a sustainable energy future. “We will …

How to Profit From Climate Change

As the world assembles in Doha to debate climate change policy, solutions, and costs, few attendees at “COP18” are looking at this as a profit-making …

How the New Politics May Be Hazardous to Your Health

After the 2000 census, many states used politics and innovative mapping technology to gerrymander new electoral districts to lock in gains for one party or …

Should Walmart Write America’s Energy Plan?

Recent campaign stops by Mitt Romney and President Obama could not provide a more stark contrast of energy policies. Romney promises coal miners that he’s …

Is New Nuclear Energy Just Mission Impossible?

Until headlines last week announced the end of his marriage to Katie Holmes, it seemed there was no mission too impossible for Tom Cruise to …

Give Solar Panels a Break

When I helped Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger create the Million Solar Roofs Initiative in California a few years ago, we designed it to stimulate mass production …

Waste not, want not

is a zero-waste society plausible and profitable, or just a pipe dream? Examples from around the world suggest the former.

Finding your force multiplier

It means looking at existing resources and asking, “What more could we get out of what we already have or already spend?”

Three things that will cost more in 2012 — and one that will cost less

What’s trending in Q1 of 2012? Three things that will cost more going forward and one that will definitely be heading down -- and the causes behind all four are the same.