Thomas Stackpole

Thomas Stackpole is an editorial fellow in Mother Jones' Washington, D.C., bureau.

Climate & Energy

Watch: Robots that hunt down jellyfish and destroy them

Scientists have created a new weapon for the ongoing battle with jellyfish.

Climate & Energy

This video explains almost everything you want to know about fracking

Still trying to figure out what the big deal with fracking is? A viral video can help.

Climate & Energy

Beer vs. oil: Beer wins

A Michigan microbrewery has defeated an oil company, proving that there is some good left in the world.

Climate & Energy

Is Al Jazeera America going to change the way networks cover climate change?

On its first day of broadcasting, Al Jazeera America devoted 30 minutes to climate change.

Climate & Energy

The Keystone XL pipeline alternative you’ve never heard of is probably going to be built

As the Keystone XL pipeline has been mired in controversy, a competitor is speeding through plans for a pipeline that would do the exact same thing.

Climate & Energy

Welcome to Portage County, the fracking waste disposal capital of Ohio

A small part of Ohio has secured the ignominious honor of becoming the most successful frackwater dumping ground in the state.