Tilde Herrera

Tilde Herrera is a San Francisco-based journalist covering food and sustainability. Her work has appeared at a number of publications, including GreenBiz, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Oakland Tribune and The Bradenton (Fla.) Herald.

The Soil Trust helps put your money where your mouth is

A new project from Slow Money is pooling small investments from ordinary people to help get sustainable food businesses off the ground.

These guerrilla cartographers are mapping the edible world

From charting food deserts to plotting the ingredients of beer, gastro-nerds will swoon over the maps in "Food: An Atlas."

Giving sustainable food businesses a needed push

Local Food Lab -- and other business accelerators like it -- are stepping in to help small food producers scale up and get serious.

Science says: Cut that steak in half to keep the climate in check

In their continuing efforts to go beyond CO2, some scientists have been looking seriously at the impact of nitrous oxide on the climate, and results point to a very familiar refrain: Eat more plants, less meat.