Tim De Chant

Tim De Chant is the creator of Per Square Mile and an environmental journalist. You can also find him on Twitter.

Can you build a house for less than a Macbook?

MIT challenges architects to design a house that costs $1,000. Here’s how one student came tantalizingly close.

Phenomenal cosmic skyscrapers — itty bitty environmental savings

Urbanists such as Ed Glaeser argue that tall buildings will save our cities. But they won't save the earth.

Better bus lines follow worker bees

If cities want to get people to ride public transit, they need to ditch downtown routes and take them where the jobs are.

Tombstone, with sewage backups

New Mexico "ghost town" will give researchers room to play -- without flooding real people's basements.

Dirty 'hoods: Is your neighborhood bad for the climate?

Even dense urban areas like New York and Toronto harbor enclaves of high per capita emissions -- and they all have one thing in common: wealth.

Bikers, beware the door zone

Careless drivers swinging their doors open into the bike lane pose a common danger to cyclists. But some cities, like San Francisco, are looking for solutions.

How dense: Tea Party rages over smart growth

Brave Tea Party members know the United Nations will begin their global totalitarian government takeover at the local level. So they're taking the battle against conspiracies like denser urban areas, linked transit systems, and smart land use to the front …

The curse of the exurbs

Sprawling, farther-off suburbs like Yorkville, Ill., boomed during the housing bubble, but have taken a terrific tumble in the crash.

Minneapolis? More like Bike-opolis

A commitment to bolstering bike-friendliness means that the bigger twin city now rivals Portland as the country's best cycling town.