Tim De Chant

Tim De Chant is the creator of Per Square Mile and an environmental journalist. You can also find him on Twitter.

Levitt to Beaver: Suburbia gets a mixed-use makeover

Designers set out to make Levittown, N.Y. -- the original suburban gold standard -- more livable and less car-dependent.

Put your money where your miles are

The Netherlands plans to start taxing motorists for how much they drive. Could this and other European innovations to reduce traffic take root here?

Trying to make China's planned cities livable

Two brothers, an architect and a developer, team up to make new Chinese cities more people-friendly, easing the transition from rural to urban living.

When 'starchitects' build art you can't escape

Work-of-art buildings by Frank Gehry or I.M. Pei often take prominent roles in cities across the globe -- but they fail at creating a sense of place

No vacancy: Empty lots are full of promise

Vacant lots are the scourge of cities around the world, but they offer acres of unfulfilled potential for urban renewal.

PhillyTreeMap: Crowdsourcing the urban forest

PhillyTreeMap, an open-source mapping system, helps Philadelphia keep track of an urban treasure -- its trees.

Bank of America is now paying to tear down foreclosed homes

Bank of America is paying for the demolition of some foreclosures in Cleveland, Chicago, and Detroit. Could this help these cities to find new life?

More density equals less driving: just an urban legend?

The National Household Transportation Survey suggests that only the steepest increases in density lead to reduced car usage.