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Climate & Energy

Your kids may be getting a confusing education on climate change

Many U.S. teachers offer their students conflicting or incorrect information about climate science, a new survey shows.


Here’s what climate scientists and activists would ask at the next presidential debate

Mark Ruffalo, Michael Mann, Bill McKibben, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and others weigh in with smart questions.

Climate & Energy

Can California meet its climate goals without this major nuclear plant?

The Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant provides one-tenth of California electricity, but it might be shut down.

Climate & Energy

What to know about the Zika virus outbreak, El Nino, and climate change

Scientists say a "perfect storm" of biological, economic, and climatic events triggered the epidemic.

Climate & Energy

Rooftop solar isn’t quite as great as you thought it was (but it’s still pretty great)

Where does the green energy from your panels really go?

Climate & Energy

Obama’s latest big climate move: Keeping more coal in the ground

The Obama administration has put a moratorium on new coal mining leases on public land, and plans to overhaul the whole coal leasing program.

Business & Technology

Low gas prices spell trouble for oil-drilling states

Some states have taken heavy blows to their budgets that could prompt cuts to education and social services.

Business & Technology

Sucks to be the coal industry right now

The year is off to a bad start for purveyors of the dirtiest fossil fuel on earth.

Climate & Energy

Watch every State of the Union climate promise Obama has ever made

The president has talked about climate change in every annual address, and you can bet that he'll do it again tonight.