Tim McDonnell

Tim McDonnell is a Climate Desk associate producer. Read more of his stories here or follow him on Twitter.

Climate & Energy

Global warming could cause 50 percent increase in violent conflict

Scientists see fresh evidence of a strong link between climate change and violence.

Climate & Energy

Could greenhouse gases turn Earth into Venus?

Yes, but not anytime soon.

Climate & Energy

Claws and effect: Climate change turns lobsters into cannibals

In warming seas, even lobsters think lobster is delicious. (Terrifying video included!)

Climate & Energy

Oysters, reefs, and swamps protect billions worth of real estate — for free

Without natural barriers, twice as much U.S. coastline will be highly exposed to climate risks.

Climate & Energy

Live chat: Obama’s new climate plan

David Roberts chats with Kate Sheppard from Mother Jones and James West of Climate Desk about Obama's big speech.

Climate & Energy

Are fungus-farming ants the key to better biofuel?

Secrets from the leafcutter ant's underground fungus fields could help create a more efficient ethanol.

Climate & Energy

Slicing open stalagmites to reveal climate secrets

Scientists are heading underground for clues to ancient climates.

Climate & Energy

Sequester guts wildfire prevention, sets up bigger blazes

The sequester took a 7.5 percent bite out of the Forest Service’s budget, nearly half of which is spent fighting wildfires.

Climate & Energy

Feeding the trolls: Meeting with a climate denier, face to face

Climate Desk explores who gets to define the truth about climate change in the digital age.

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