Tim McDonnell

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Check out Obama’s latest tool in the push for climate action

The White House's newest Twitter handle is devoted to combating climate change.

kayaktivists protest Shell

Shell just abandoned its Arctic drilling plans

The company's exploratory well off the coast of Alaska proved disappointing, so it's pulling out of the region "for the foreseeable future."

EPA has a new plan to prevent cheating on auto emissions tests

After the Volkswagen scandal, companies looking to sell cars in the U.S. will face stringent regulations.

Here are 17 things we need to do to fix the world

There aren't that many Sustainable Development Goals, but they sure will be hard to achieve.

Pope Francis didn’t even say “climate change” in his address to Congress

The pope's environmental message in his speech at the Capitol was much more muted than his White House remarks.

Pope Francis is about to tell congressional Republicans some things they don’t want to hear

Watch out for the snowballs, Your Holiness.

This climate-denying Catholic congressman is boycotting the pope’s speech

Pope Francis will be addressing Congress next week and Republicans are feeling anxious about it.

David Letterman’s new gig? A show on global warming

The former "Late Show" host returns to TV as a special correspondent on "Years of Living Dangerously."

There’s been a boom in energy-efficient skyscraper construction

But there's a catch.