Tim Sprinkle

Tim Sprinkle is a freelance writer from Denver, Colo.

Climate & Energy

How the legendary ski town is going green

Vail, Colo., is a town that’s defined by winter, when tourists from around the world descend on the area’s snow-covered slopes to ski, ride, and soak up the laid-back yet glitzy mountain lifestyle. But as the threat of global warming …


How Wendy Brawer put green on the map

Don’t let Wendy Brawer’s urban address fool you — this New Yorker has a soft spot for nature. After all, she’s the founder of Modern World Design, an eco-design firm, and has spent the last 11 years at the helm …

Walking It Off, Doug Peacock’s memoir, separates the man from the myth

Walking It Off by Doug Peacock, Ewu Press, 208 pgs., 2005. Think you know Doug Peacock? Think again. He was the inspiration for George Washington Hayduke, the hard-charging, Vietnam-scarred protagonist of Edward Abbey’s classic environmental novel The Monkey Wrench Gang. …