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Tina Gerhardt and Lucia Green-Weiskel's Posts


hu vs. chu

Sputnik moment: Historic meeting between U.S. and China may spur a clean energy race

Will the new clean technology race pit the U.S. against China competitively, or allow for scientific partnerships?Cross-posted from AlterNet. From Jan. 19 to 21, President Obama will host Chinese President Hu Jintao for their first bilateral summit this side of the Pacific. According to former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, this "will be the most important top-level United States-Chinese encounter since Deng Xiaoping's historic trip more than 30 years ago." While economic and military issues will be on the agenda, a key part of the meeting will be energy. U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu has suggested that a Sputnik-like …


tilting at windmills

Obama admin takes aim at China's renewable-energy subsidies

Last week, in a move that pits American labor against China's green-technology industry, the Obama administration filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization over China's wind-power subsidies. The U.S. move challenges China's rapid growth in the renewable-energy market, and also throws the weight of the administration behind the unions, elevating concern about Chinese competition to the level of official U.S. policy. The complaint falls on the heels of a 5,800-page filing made in September by the United Steelworkers against China, arguing that its renewable-energy subsidies violate international trade regulations. According to that filing, China defied trade agreements by providing …


Down with capitalism

Bolivia ‘people’s conference’ calls for system change, not climate change

Photo: The City Project via FlickrCOCHABAMBA, Bolivia -- A fundamental critique of capitalism as the source of climate change pervaded the People's World Conference on Climate Change, from the opening speech of Bolivian President Evo Morales on Tuesday to the final declaration agreed upon Thursday. On the first day, as 15,000 people from 125 countries gathered for the summit, Morales laid out his view bluntly: "Either capitalism lives or Mother Earth lives." "The main cause of climate change is capitalism," he continued. "As people who inhabit Mother Earth, we have the right to say that the cause is capitalism, to …


The “people’s climate conference” in Bolivia kicks off with ambitious aims

TIQUIPAYA, Bolivia -- This small town outside Cochabamba, Bolivia -- where cows roam freely and campesinos grow fruit, vegetables, and flowers to sell at the local market -- is a far cry from Copenhagen.  But it's the latest gathering place in the ongoing effort to shape an effective global response to climate change.  Here, Bolivian President Evo Morales is convening the People's World Conference on Climate Change this week, an alternative to the unwieldy and thus far unsuccessful U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change.  NGOs, scientists, activists, indigenous leaders, and representatives of 60 to 70 national governments are coming together …