Todd Woody

Todd Woody is an environmental and technology journalist based in California who writes for The New York Times, Quartz, and other publications.

Forget saving the planet, driving an electric car will save your life

If you want to sell the climate change fight, make it about personal health.


The grinch that stole the coal industry’s Christmas

The pace of coal-fired power-plant closure is accelerating, thanks to cheap natural gas and environmental regulations.

The carbon time bomb in your retirement account

A new financial tool lets Wall Street calculate the climate-change risk of investments.

The world’s greenest oil company?

France's Total is hedging against a low-carbon future by investing in solar and biofuels.

oil sheen

How scientists are using drones to fight the next big oil spill

Drones and sensors deployed off the Florida coast will help predict the impact of the next Deepwater Horizon, if there has to be a next one.

Five charts that explain the great energy shift

Or, the rise of fracking and the decline of coal.

Report: Homebuyers willing to pay premium for solar

Okay, I’m a little slow on the uptake on this but I’ve been pursing a recent report from Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory on the effect of installing a rooftop solar array on the sale price of homes in California. (It makes …

On Coachella’s solar stage

It was a sunny year at the 2011 Coachella Music Festival, and the stage is set for the town’s new concentrating photovoltaic farm.Photo: Paige K. ParsonsAn interesting solar development got buried by Thursday’s big news that French fossil fuel conglomerate …

What’s next for the enviro-business coalition that defeated California’s Prop 23?

Now that we’ve put together some green muscle, what will we do with it?Photo: Denis GilesMuch of the green movement has been mounting a rearguard fight in Washington to fend off attempts to gut the U.S. EPA in the wake …