Tom Laskawy

A 17-year veteran of both traditional and online media, Tom Laskawy is a founder and executive director of the Food & Environment Reporting Network and a contributing writer at Grist covering food and agricultural policy. Tom's long and winding road to food politics writing passed through New York, Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, Florence, Italy, and Philadelphia (which has a vibrant progressive food politics and sustainable agriculture scene, thank you very much). In addition to Grist, his writing has appeared online in The American Prospect, Slate, The New York Times, and The New Republic. He is on record as believing that wrecking the planet is a bad idea. Follow him on Twitter.

Paul Ryan’s food and agriculture track record: Neither ‘refreshing’ nor ‘bold’

Did Paul Ryan "get in the way" of this year's farm bill? Not exactly. Does that mean his ideas are good for food and agriculture? Not a chance.

Pesticide-resistant insects add insult to drought injury

Monsanto's GMO corn is succumbing to corn rootworms, the exact insects it was designed to kill. And the drought in the Midwest is only making things worse.

GMO sugar beets get the green light

Last week, the USDA fully deregulated herbicide resistant sugar beets. And while the shift isn't a surprise to most advocates, it does hint at larger problems within the system.

Mapping the government’s local food work as a way to keep it alive

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass is more than just a window into the government's local food work. It's also an effort to ensure that work continues.

New report: The Farm Bureau not a true friend to farmers

Despite its name, the American Farm Bureau Federation is more likely to side with the insurance industry than it is with farmers.

Farm Bill 2012

Insult to injury: How the House snuck protection for GMOs into its farm bill

On top of huge cuts to food stamps and big giveaways to Big Ag, the just-passed House farm bill also includes a special provision to protect the biotech industry.

Will the farm bill prop up doomed crops in this extreme climate?

If the House Agriculture Committee has its way, the farm bill will continue to subsidize monocrops that don't have a chance in this increasingly inhospitable climate.

Farm Bill 2012

Stamp of disapproval: House farm bill to gut nutrition program

In its new draft of the farm bill, the House of Representatives is pushing for $16.5 billion in food stamp cuts.

Can ‘veggie prescriptions’ really make people healthier?

Better access to fruits and vegetables is key, but recent science suggests that lowering exposure to BPA, pthalates, and other endocrine disruptors might be just as important.