Tom Philpott

Tom Philpott was previously Grist's food writer. He now writes for Mother Jones.

Panic-free GMOs

Crop flops: GMOs lead ag down the wrong path

GMO products rarely deliver on the hype, but they've pushed our agricultural system to a critical crossroads -- that's why they matter. First in a series of responses to our coverage.

One weird trick to fix farms forever

Does David Brandt hold the secret for turning industrial agriculture from global-warming problem to carbon solution?

The real reason Kansas is running out of water

A new study finds that a small reduction in farmers' water use could help save Kansas agriculture. But why is it using so much water in the first place?

6 mind-boggling facts about farms in China

China's industrial behemoth hasn't just fouled up the vast nation's water; it's also taken a big bite out of its land.

Why this year’s Gulf dead zone is twice as big as last year’s

It's the fertilizer, stupid -- and runoff from factory animal farms. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The end of lobster rolls? Not so fast

Maine’s lobster population is flourishing thanks two highly destructive, human-induced forces: climate change and overfishing.

Tom's Kitchen: pasta with snap peas and fennel

Snap peas and parsley and fresh hearts of fennel ... these are a few of my favorite things.

Jerry Brown 2.0: friend or foe of farmworkers?

This week Jerry Brown vetoed the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act, which would have improved working conditions for California farmworkers.

How the meat industry turned abuse into a business model

As a long-time student of the meat industry, I read Ted Genoways' extraordinary article on conditions at the "head table" of a factory-scale pig-processing plant with delight. As a human being, my reaction was revulsion.