Tom Philpott

Tom Philpott was previously Grist's food writer. He now writes for Mother Jones.


House Republicans aim pitchfork at food-system reform

U.S. ag policy isn't totally geared to Big Ag -- but it will be if the House gets its way, writes Tom Philpott.

Industrial Agriculture

Is the 'Clean 15' just as toxic as the 'Dirty Dozen'?

Is the Environmental Working Group's Clean 15 list of low-pesticide produce as toxic as its Dirty Dozen? For farm workers, the answer is often yes.


Why the Senate ethanol vote doesn't matter much

Even if the Senate's ethanol vote makes it through the White House, it won't stem the flow of corn from Midwest farms to distillers to gas tanks.

Scary Food

Salmon surprise: House opposes FDA Frankenfish approval

The FDA is currently deliberating on whether to green-light genetically modified salmon and is widely expected to do just that sometime this year.

Industrial Agriculture

Hey, Vilsack: Big Ag won't feed the world or make jobs

USDA secretary Tom Vilsack supports global Big Ag despite job loss, environmental dangers, threat to sustainable global farming.

Food Safety

Poison apples bad for consumers, Snow White

Environmental Working Group sifts through USDA data to figure out which Dirty Dozen fruits and veggies deliver the most pesticides. This year's winner: apples

Industrial Agriculture

Cheap food: Not what’s for dinner anymore?

Cheap food might go the way of cheap gas.Photo: Eddie SCross-posted from Mother Jones. Remember when gas was a dollar a gallon? The era of the fast-food “dollar menu” may be going the same way. Cheap food has been with …


It’s the McEconomy, stupid

As American as Baked Apple Pie.Photo: Keoni 101Cross-posted from Mother Jones. Up to 30,000 of the 54,000 jobs created in May were the result of a hiring spree by the hamburger chain, analysts at Morgan Stanley told Market Watch on …

Sustainable Food

Great places, great food (and beer): part two

You can’t have a great place without great beer.In part one of my musings on food and “great places,” I painted a bleak picture of the U.S. food landscape: one in which a handful of companies churn out mountains of …