Twilight Greenaway

Twilight was Grist's food editor from 2011-2012. Follow her on twitter.

Farm Bill 2012

Despite the headlines, Big Ag subsidies aren’t going anywhere

Is crop insurance just another way to say "handouts for Big Ag"? Or is it an excuse to send taxpayer dollars to overseas insurance giants? Our sources say it's both.

Killer cuisine: Can hunting help us make better food choices?

Think hunting is just for middle-aged guys who don't care about greening our food system? Chef and author Georgia Pellegrini begs to differ.

Tapped out: Water in California’s farm country is dangerously polluted

A new report details California's nitrate pollution problem -- and the expensive, potentially deadly impact it will have on the people who live in our nation's most productive farming region.

Rancher sticks up for animals in factory farm country

Farmer and strongman Kevin Fulton has taken on the admirable if unenviable task of bridging conventional agriculture and animal rights.

Know your bites: Does the USDA’s local-farms program have a chance?

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food, the USDA's two-year-old campaign to support local growers, faces a moment of reckoning.

Put your hack into it: Anonymous targets Monsanto

Hackers affiliated with Anonymous launch an attack on Monsanto. And while the data they obtained doesn't reveal anything new, it might be oddly satisfying for those who lament the seed giant's recent court victory over small farmers.

Surviving winter eating local: Grist readers’ advice

We asked our locavore readers to tell us how they make it through the dark days of winter. If the answers we got are any indication, they're doing just fine!

Photo project takes commuters to a California they’ve forgotten

With her new documentary project, author and photographer Lisa Hamilton hopes to reacquaint urban train riders with rural life.

Prince farming: Discussing Charles’ new book on food reform

To mark the publication of "On the Future of Food," a new book based on a Prince Charles' speech about the food system, we hear from Marion Nestle, Fred Kirschenmann, and Laurie David, three people with a vested interested in …