Twilight Greenaway

Twilight was Grist's food editor from 2011-2012. Follow her on twitter.

Beyond porkwashing: Food service company commits to humane meat

Bon Appétit Management Company makes an industry-changing move toward more humane meat sourcing.

An invitation to chat with Laurie David

The veteran climate activist, author, and film producer chatted with readers about her new book, the Prince Charles-inspired "On the Future of Food," and what it takes to change our food system.

Local in winter: An invitation

What does it take for you to eat locally grown foods in winter? We want your tips, ideas, stories, and recipes.

Monterey County says no to methyl iodide

In a surprise move, a county in California known for industrial agriculture has banned the fumigant methyl iodide. Anti-pesticide activists are optimistic about what it'll mean for the statewide effort.

Breaking Through Concrete: Stories from the American urban farm

Breaking through the myths: New book seeks to redefine urban farming

The Breaking Through Concrete crew is back, and now they have a book that chronicles urban farming around the U.S.

Farm Bill 2012

Farm Bill update: Fewer secrets, more hard work

The Secret Farm Bill process is long over and the Senate Ag Committee has scheduled its first round of Farm Bill hearings. So where should the sustainable food community put its attention now?

We can fund that! USDA grants help the local food movement grow

With a new round of grants worth $44 million, the government is helping small, local food producers move toward reaching a wider audience.

Protein: The lay of the lamb

Most science says lamb has a bigger carbon footprint than other foods. But could it be a better choice for sustainable omnivores than we think?

New food reporting project dives deep into pork drug

A new report on the use of a growth-promoting drug in pork production -- and its impact on international trade -- is just the tip of the iceberg for the Food and Environment Reporting Network.