Twilight Greenaway

Twilight was Grist's food editor from 2011-2012. Follow her on twitter.

Farm Bill 2012

Will a ‘Secret Farm Bill’ be passed this week?

Photo: Jeff Cushner Update (Nov. 4, 2011): According to this SFGate article, the new bill is expected to be submitted to the congressional supercommittee as early as today (Friday). Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wisc.) (the same Kind who put forth the …

Harvesting change: Dispatches from a TEDx gathering on farmworkers [VIDEO]

Last week's TEDx conference brought together some of the sharpest, most creative minds to address the problem of farm labor. See the highlights here.

Fumigation nation: Battling pesticide use in California

In this dispatch from the nation's produce capital, we find school teachers, farmers, activists, and scientists working together to combat methyl iodide, and seeking out alternatives to all toxic fumigants.

Chow-to: Stop worrying and love your kitchen timer

Getting used to cooking while doing other things does more than save you time. It changes your eating habits, making it easier to go green in the kitchen.

Is Walmart allergic to Pollan?

Food guru Michael Pollan goes toe-to-toe with a Walmart VP to ask: Can the processed food giant ever be a friend to food reformers?

How to fork Wall Street over

Where does food fit into the Wall Street occupation? From the pizza deliveries to the impact our banking system has on agricultural policy -- we used Storify to compile the latest!

Environmental leaders to Congress: Don't stop funding conservation on farms

A coalition of 56 influential policy organizations are working to ensure that clean air and water remain at the center of the Farm Bill discussion.

Berry toxic: Decoding the organic strawberry debacle

Food advocates and farmers want to close a loophole that allows farms to sell organic berries that have spent as much as half their lives in conventional nurseries.

In its previous life, this corner grocery was a shipping container

Mobile food deliveries bring fresh, healthy produce to food deserts. But to really change a neighborhood's access to food, a small store with big ideas learns you have to take the wheels off.