Twilight Greenaway

Twilight was Grist's food editor from 2011-2012. Follow her on twitter.

Perfectly seasonal: An interview with Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman

The veteran food blogger and photographer talks to us about her new book, her belief that meat should be a side dish, and her tips for a stress-free Thanksgiving.

Lame duck or bad luck? The farm bill hangs in the balance

Will Congress leave young farmers and organic farmers high and dry? Here's an update on the expired multibillion-dollar food and farm bill.

Smooth as Silk: How big brands milk small farmers for all they’re worth

Very few companies control most of the food we eat. In this example, we look at the outsized effect the Silk brand has had on the organic soy industry.

GMO labeling or no, a movement comes of age

If California's Prop 37 doesn't pass, it won't be for lack of a solid effort by food reformers.

Factory farms raise a stink — and they might raise your blood pressure too

A recent study found that people living near CAFOs experience stress-related blood pressure spikes when farm odors are at their worst.

The Great Pumpkin chat: Join us for a live discussion on Halloween

Curious about organic jack-o'-lanterns, the canned pumpkin industry, and the role the gourd can play in the good food movement? Check out a replay of our conversation with pumpkin expert Cindy Ott.

Feed your soil — and the rest will follow

What absorbs water, nutrients, and CO2, while helping even the biggest corn and soy farms hurdle many of the most pressing climate obstacles? Healthy soil, that's what.

Rooting for root vegetables: The perfect recipes for fall and winter

Here are three hearty recipes from a new cookbook dedicated entirely to root vegetables. Trust us, it's better than it sounds.

Romney’s new farm platform is all about big business

Romney's latest white paper on agriculture and rural America says a lot about gutting taxes and regulation, but not so much about the farm bill, sustainable farming, or drought.