Twilight Greenaway

Twilight was Grist's food editor from 2011-2012. Follow her on twitter.

‘Monsanto Protection Act’ would keep GMO crops in the ground during legal battles

One sneaky provision on this year's agriculture appropriations docket would practically give biotech companies immunity from USDA regulation. Needless to say, activists are up in arms.

After the Rio Earth Summit: Will agriculture really get any greener?

Global food production may have inched toward becoming more sustainable at last week's Earth Summit. Or not. We probably won't know either way until the next Summit.

Meatifest destiny: How Big Meat is taking over the Midwest

With more factory farms, bigger meat processing facilities, and growing numbers of immigrant workers, it looks like Cargill and Co. might be priming the Midwest to produce meat for the world.

Your meat on drugs: Will grocery stores cut out antibiotics?

A new campaign targets Trader Joe's, with an interest in prompting industry-wide change.

Shopper’s delight: Here’s what to buy organic

The Environmental Working Group's annual Shopper's Guide to Pesticides is out, with a few important additions.

What farms can do for cities: A chat with author Sarah Rich

The author talks about her new book, Urban Farms, the difference between a farm and a garden, and how city farmers are moving beyond the trend factor.

Oh, SNAP!: Are food stamps another subsidy for Big Food?

New research looks at the ways the food stamps economy may be benefiting corporations like Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Kraft.

Soil survivor: An interview with urban farming legend Will Allen

The MacArthur Genius talks about his new book, his organization's recent gift from Walmart, and his hopes for the next generation.

The food movement’s final frontier: Taking care of workers

A comprehensive new report looks at the people behind our food chain and finds low wages, little chance for advancement, and often deplorable working conditions.