Twilight Greenaway

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Farm Bill 2012

Celebrity chefs and food movement leaders tell Congress: ‘This farm bill stinks’

With the bill on the Senate floor, Mario Batali, Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and nearly 70 other food luminaries have signed a historic letter to Congress.

FDA: High-fructose corn syrup will not be called ‘corn sugar’

The Food and Drug Administration officially rejected the Corn Refiners Association's request to refer to HFCS as the more benign-sounding “corn sugar” in packaged food ingredient lists.

Faked Alaska: Is genetically modified salmon coming soon to a table near you?

Despite opposition from environmentalists, food advocates, and 46 members of Congress, GMO salmon appears to be continuing its slow crawl along toward FDA approval.

Americans want more fruits and veggies for everyone

A new survey from the Kellogg Foundation says Americans are eating more fresh food and want public institutions to make fruits and vegetables more widely accessible.

The Domino’s effect: The pizza giant refuses to phase out inhumane pork

A wave of change has hit the meat industry as most of the biggest food brands have pledged to do away with gestation crates for pigs. But Domino's Pizza is holding out -- and gaining applause from Big Ag.

Farm Bill 2012

Politicians, advocates make an 11th-hour push for a better farm bill

Do you have something to say about the $85 billion bill that will shape the nation's food and farming landscape for the next five years? Congress is digging down into the details, but it's not too late to chime in.

Thomas Keller

Chefs’ disregard for environment leaves a bad taste

When Thomas Keller, the iconic chef at The French Laundry, made a point to privilege flavor over sustainability in the New York Times recently, he did us all a disservice.

Farm interrupted: Berkeley’s Occupy the Farm ends in arrests

The farmers and activists who have been farming Berkeley's Gill Tract had a rude awakening Monday morning when 100 police officers showed up to arrest nine people.

Could insects feed the world? [VIDEO]

If people in the developed world can get over the psychological barrier involved in eating insects, this video segment says, we might just find that bugs are the magical, super-efficient protein source we've been looking for.