Tyler Falk

Tyler Falk writes about sustainable cities for Smartplanet. He was formerly an editorial assistant at Grist.

BP, other European polluters, pump money into Senate campaigns

An analysis by Climate Action Network Europe found that BP and other big polluting European companies are helping fund Senate climate zombies.

Memo to KFC: Using butts to sell breasts isn't new — just a new low

Why KFC's new Double Down marketing campaign is doubly gross.

White House criticized for blocking oil spill numbers

Reports are in and it doesn't look good for the Obama administration's response to the oil spill.

Stove pollution causes 2 million deaths annually

The U.S. is expected to announce $50 million toward clean stoves for developing countries. Also, global warming good for bubonic plague, the FBI's mistreatment of activists, and more.

What's next for the Gulf, and other green news

The Macondo oil well is dead, but stories about the Gulf weren't capped with it. Find out about the state of the Gulf.

Drilling moratorium caused minimal job loss, and other green news

A report released by the Obama administration on Thursday said that the Gulf of Mexico drilling moratorium has had little impact on unemployment.

Food Feeding the City

Seattle’s new urban-ag models are sprouting in friendly soil

Seattle's urban ag scene is flourishing, with innovative startup farms and organizations putting down roots alongside established ones. And with new legislation just passed Aug. 16, they will have even more room and resources with which to grow.

Dear Old Spice Man, will using your product make me, um, less manly?

Dear Old Spice Man, I see you a lot on TV lately, running around with your shirt off telling me that I won’t be a man if I don’t use Old Spice Body Wash. I hate commercials that blatantly play …

WTFood: Friendly’s Grilled Cheese Burger Melt

Since KFC introduced the Double Down earlier this year, fast food chains are tripping over themselves to slap together as many of their limited menu items as possible. In the process they’re churning out some pretty disturbing food-like substances. You …