Vanessa Barrington

Vanessa is a writer, cookbook author, cook, and food consultant based in Oakland, CA. She is the author of DIY Delicious: Recipes and Ideas for Simple Food from Scratch and the co-author of Heirloom Beans with Steve Sando of Rancho Gordo. Her writing also appears regularly on both and


DIY yogurt [Recipe]

Make your own yogurt with this easy recipe from the book DIY Delicious.

Urban Agriculture

Baltimore’s can-do approach to food justice

Beehives from Five Seed Farm and Apiary, one of the farms expected to begin production on Baltimore city land in 2012. Photo: Courtesy of Five Seed Farm and ApiaryCities all over the country are addressing the lack of access to fresh and healthy food on the part of their residents, but few are in as much of a bind as Baltimore. Like Detroit, and other cities known for their class and race disparity, Baltimore has been losing population and gaining vacant land at a fast pace in recent decades. The result is vast swaths of neighborhoods located far from grocery …

Sustainable Food

Chow-to: Clean sardines

By now it’s become conventional wisdom that eating low on the food chain is more sustainable. In the case of fish, that means sardines, anchovies, sand-dabs, and other small, short-lived fish. Despite recent news that our small forage fish need to be better managed to avoid future problems, if you’re going to eat fish at all, it’s still best to stick with the small fry. Pacific sardines are a particularly good choice because they are high in omega-3s, low in environmental pollutants, economically priced, and delicious. Cleaning them, however, might be a hurdle. For some it’s the ick factor while …


Queer as farm folk: Can the LGBT community save sustainable farming?

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community has a history of organizing collectively and revitalizing urban spaces. Can they do the same for small-scale farming?


Chow-to: Tomato escarole soup with saffron [RECIPE]

A great way to use up the last of your garden tomatoes.


Chow-to: Corn, green bean, pepper salad with harissa [RECIPE]

This easy salad recipe combines a range of veggies with the zing of harissa for an early fall treat.

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