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Response to the electricity industry's timeline of environmental regulations

After years of delay, the EPA is working to reduce dangerous and toxic pollutants released to the air and water by electric power plants.

What can climate negotiations achieve in Cancun?

Unlike Copenhagen, this year’s climate meeting in Cancun, COP16, is not expected to result in a comprehensive legally binding agreement. However, countries could use the meeting to make significant progress toward change on the ground.

For EPA regulations, cost predictions are overstated

Research shows that environmental regulations end up costing far less than both industry and the EPA predict.

The EPA, the Clean Air Act, and U.S. manufacturing

Members of Congress who are committed to helping industry save energy and become more globally competitive should think twice about undercutting existing federal laws that have the potential to spur efficiency upgrades at domestic manufacturing facilities.

What are the limits on the EPA? The Clean Air Act holds answers

Given the built-in limitations on Environmental Protection Agency authority contained in the Clean Air Act, fears of agency "overreach" are misplaced.