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Yolanda Crous is a Grist contributing writer based in Santa Barbara, Calif.



Last week, David Roberts brought you the Keep America Beautiful Man videos. This week, I bring you ... KABMAN, THE GAME. I came, I saw, and I collected 40 recyclable items on my second try. Top that, Gristiacs.


John Travolta’s private plane fetish brings the noise to a small Maine community

Oh, John Travolta. When will you and your planes stop p$#@ing off the populace? Apparently it's not enough for Mr. Saturday-Night-Give-the-Planet-a-Fever to wander the globe in his private planes, trailing an excess of carbon emissions in his wake. He's also …


Hell hath no fury like a Lohan scorned

On the list of most environmentally unfriendly ways to avenge yourself on an ex-boyfriend, leaving the water in your tub running so it can flood your former squeeze's apartment sits pretty close to the top. But punishment-by-excessive-water-use is exactly what …


Bib you hear the one about … ?

The number one craze in Hollywood -- babies. The number two craze -- using your baby to show off your eco-grooviness. According to the folks at Ecorazzi, OopC bibs, made from 100 percent organic cotton, are flying off the shelves …


This model is no longer untouchable

During college, I went through an ill-advised phase during which I tacked photos of supermodels I was never, ever going to look like on my dorm-room walls. One of my twiggy idols was Shalom Harlow, whom I loved because she …


The latest attempt to make learning about the environment fun is … not fun

Starbucks and Global Green USA have teamed up to put together a new online game called Planet Green. The objective: Travel around a small town called Evergreen (Get it? Ever ... green ... ha!) looking for ways to save on …

Climate & Energy

Berkeley students vote on a new sustainability fund

Tomorrow through Friday, UC Berkeley students will vote "yay" or "nay" on TGIF (aka the Green Initiative Fund), a $5 increase in their per-semester fees that will be used to finance "initiatives on renewable energy, energy efficiency, resource conservation, and …


Our prez nearly made a slip of the plug

The funniest news lede I've read in a long time: Credit Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally with saving the leader of the free world from self-immolation. Apparently, our befuddled prez was about to stick an electrical plug into the …


How many washed-up reality stars does it take to screw the environment?

According to Ecorazzi, Kelly Osbourne became a mite confused last Thursday night en route to a party for Dita von Teese. Said party was being held at the same venue as Elle magazine's "Green Bash," and the Spawn O' Ozzy …