The Basics

Bad acid trip: A beach bum’s guide to ocean acidification

We're dumping so much carbon we're radically changing the PH of the oceans (bad news if you like seafood). Here’s the lowdown on how ocean acidification works, and why it sucks.

Confined dining: A primer on factory farms and what they mean for your meat

More and more of the meat you buy in the supermarket is produced in meat factories, a.k.a. CAFOs. Hold your nose and have a look, then think hard about that next hot dog.

Fracking FAQ: The science and technology behind the natural gas boom

Find out six things you should know about the high-tech drilling explosion that’s coming soon to a backyard gas field near you.

The Anthropocene explained, game-show style [AUDIO]

Everything you need to know about the Age of Man in just five – OK, seven, minutes.

The carbon tax, demystified

Taxes aren’t exactly popular, but the idea of using them to fight climate change is surprisingly resilient. Here’s a primer.

Agenda 21: Everything you need to know about the secret U.N. plot, in one comic

Some Republicans and Tea Partiers want you to think that Agenda 21 is just your typical stealth campaign of “extreme environmentalism.” But when you’re finished reading the latest in Grist’s series, The Basics, you’ll be terrified.

Gas prices explained by way of a neighborhood barbecue

Why does the price we pay for auto fuel spike and dive so unpredictably? You may find the answer in the burger on your grill.