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The EPA raises the Renewable Fuels Standard. Here’s why that makes no sense

Ethanol uses up farmland and harms the climate even more than fossil fuels. But it's business, and somebody's making hay.


12 ways to spend Black Friday instead of wasting your money

Skip Black Friday and do something instead.

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Port neighborhoods demand action from the EPA

Living next to a port is similar to living next to a coal plant.

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Instead of buying something this Friday, fix something

Companies like Apple make it difficult to repair your electronics, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

Climate & Energy

Here’s how the airline industry could cut its emissions in half

It’s cheaper for airlines to cut emissions than you'd expect, according to a new study.

Climate & Energy

Oil-rich Alberta is getting serious about climate action, just in time for Paris talks

The province of Alberta, aka the Texas of Canada, will impose a carbon tax, phase out coal power, and curb emissions from tar-sands operations.

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Why aren’t more farmers turning poop into power?

Methane digesters are making economic as well as environmental sense in Vietnam. They could do so everywhere -- here's how.

Climate & Energy

Here’s how the U.S. can dump fossil fuels for good

Just in time for the Paris climate talks, this new blueprint shows how the U.S. can shift to clean energy while adding half a million jobs.