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sodium bicarbon-great

This plant in India transforms CO2 into baking soda.

The backers of a new technology say it could ultimately neutralize 5 to 10 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions from coal.

It wasn't all a dumpster fire

2016 was a great year for wind and solar, even if nobody noticed.

Renewable energy continued making big gains.

guilty of hamburglary

The vegan meat market really beefed up in 2016.

It was the year of burgers that convincingly reproduce meat’s flavor compounds.

Quaff the beaten track

What’s the greenest kind of drink container?

Glass bottles, plastic bottles, or aluminum cans? Advice columnist Umbra Fisk pours forth wisdom.


Can capitalism, conservation, and cosmopolitanism coexist? Here’s what I learned.

Evidence suggests that there is not just a moral, but a practical imperative to fight poverty.

As the Uber turns

Uber’s self-driving cars threaten to squish bike riders.

The company's autonomous vehicles have a problem with making dangerous right-hook turns across bike lanes. So do humans.

The poverty solution: Put people first

How a growing timber business revived a forest

A tiny town in Ecuador was in rough shape until residents and environmentalists came up with a successful business plan.

The poverty solution: Put people first

The case for putting people before nature

All over the world, environmental groups are trying to figure out how to balance nature and people in carbon-rich biodiversity hotspots.

The Poverty Solution: Put People First

How food, forests, and people are connected, in 10 charts

Here's why environmentalists should cheer on the end of poverty.