Business & Technology

Business & Technology

Hackers are messing with the oil and gas industry

From gas stations to corporate headquarters, oil companies are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks.


Comedians and activists call out California governor in anti-fracking ad campaign

The activists want Jerry Brown to ban fracking in the Golden State.

Climate & Energy

Following Shell, another oil company pulls out of Arctic

The Norwegian oil company Statoil abandons drilling plans in the the Chuckchi Sea.

Climate & Energy

No, Obama’s Clean Power Plan won’t raise your electric bills, no matter what conservatives say

In fact, the new rules can be expected to lower people’s bills across the entire country, a new report finds.

Business & Technology

Uber: Climate hero or climate villain?

A new study hopes to measure the climate impact of ride-sharing services.


Does the chicken industry pluck farmers?

Efficient or exploitive? Poultry companies pit chicken farmers against one another in a "tournament" system.

Climate & Energy

People want to frack the hell out of this giant piece of tiramisu

The Permian Basin shale field in Texas looks like looks like tiramisu, tastes like money.

Business & Technology

This new startup is doing hydropower right

Small-scale hydro projects along rivers in the Northeast provide low-impact electricity and help revitalize communities.

Climate & Energy

New hottie Canadian prime minister essentially kills Northern Gateway pipeline

Another nasty pipeline bites the dust.