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high water

Understanding Louisiana’s big flood risks

As shorelines change, so does the probability of flooding.

midwestern battles

Pipeline company gets nasty as it tries to push huge new project through sensitive lands

Police and protesters face off as construction begins on one of the biggest pipelines proposed since Keystone XL.

Trim Riggins

EPA’s new rules are good for tech, and trucking

The EPA's new regulations are a big deal -- both for the troposphere and for the lungs of anyone in trucking territory.


Coal lobbyists are the loneliest lobbyists

Coal groups are hemorrhaging cash and supporters.

Oil in a day's work

Another reason to divest from oil companies: They rip off shareholders

Oil and gas companies are not performing well, but they're paying their executives more than ever.


John Oliver to oil lobby: You bozos picked the wrong man to plagiarize

API aired a commercial during the Rio Olympics that essentially carbon-copied the opening credit sequence of Oliver's show.

shingle and ready to mingle

Elon Musk’s new solar roofing plan isn’t so new after all

Tesla wants to glam up the boring world of roofing.

Coal ash chronicles

N.C. chief epidemiologist resigns over water safety squabble

Megan Davies has accused the governor's administration of misleading the public about water quality near coal ash sites.


Protests over Texas high-speed rail take a turn for the ridiculous

Texans don’t want your newfangled trains, Japan.