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You call this justice?

This coal baron is running for governor of West Virginia — and he owes millions in mine safety penalties.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Justice also isn't convinced that climate change is happening.


Meat giant, Tyson Foods, is betting on meat alternatives going big.

The company just bought a stake in veggie steaks.

recycle of life

Apple’s recycling robot wants your old iPhone. Don’t give it to him.

Recycling electronics is a messy business.


This young engineer wants to convince you that nuclear power is just what the climate needs

Rachel Slaybaugh is excited about new nuclear startups and confident that nuclear energy can be safe.

Learning Things

Every week, we tell you to read! This week is different.

Our favorite multimedia features from this week.

gas guess

The amount of methane in the atmosphere is growing, but it’s not coming from where you think.

For once, fracking's not the main culprit.

Hurricane Matthew

Florida doesn’t know what’s coming for it

Hurricanes are getting rarer but stronger. As Matthew barrels toward Florida, communities remain unprepared for a big storm.

The air up there

191 nations agree: Airplanes will finally have to cut their gassy contributions to climate change.

Is this great news? Depends on how optimistic you are.

Exxon marks the naught

Forty years ago, Exxon almost revolutionized the electric car.

When the oil crises of the 1970s hit, the oil giant did pioneering work on hybrid vehicles. Then it shut the program down.