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Undead farm bill: Everyone’s favorite legislative zombie shuffles on

Congress bakes up a ginormous gift to corporate ag, which may well collapse and die. But don’t start celebrating yet.

Heady Colo. farmers plowing ahead with hemp farming

One Colorado farmer has planted the nation's first big industrial hemp crop in 60 years. Yes, it's still illegal.

Utilities for dummies

Utilities vs. rooftop solar: What the fight is about

Utilities are fighting with solar advocates over an obscure but important policy called "net metering." Here's what's at stake, and why it matters.

This app helps you avoid supporting Monsanto and other terrible companies

Scan a product with Buycott, and it analyzes the insane web of corporate ownership in order to tell you exactly what terrible policies you'd be supporting if you bought that cereal.

Obama administration gives wind industry a pass for killing birds

Wind turbines killed an estimated 83,000 birds of prey last year, yet the administration has never prosecuted a wind farm for killing a protected bird.

Coal plants could be linked to thousands of North Carolina suicides

New research suggests that people in counties with coal-fired power plants are more likely to kill themselves.

North Carolina might ban Tesla’s business model

Lawmakers are pushing a bill that would prevent Tesla from selling its own cars in the state, forcing it to go through commission-charging car dealerships instead.

Ask Umbra: How would you spend $50 million for the planet?

A reader wonders what investment would net the best returns for Mother Earth. Umbra suggests a well-rounded portfolio.

spinach field

Food-safety push in California hurts wildlife — and doesn’t make food safer

A deadly outbreak of E. coli in 2006 spurred an overhaul of food-safety practices, but that's been bad news for natural habitats, a study finds.