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North Carolina joins rush to protect animal abusers

It's the latest state to consider a bill that would crack down on animal rights activists who expose cruelty at factory farms and food processing plants.

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All U.S. nuclear reactors are too dangerous, says former nuke-safety chief

The 104 nuclear reactors in the U.S. have an unfixable safety flaw, according to Gregory Jaczko, former chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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Fukushima Daiichi is undead

The nuclear power plant no longer produces any nuclear power, but it's become a radioactive zombie, spreading mayhem long after its demise.

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Exxon revolutionizes energy by delivering it straight to your face

ExxonMobil puts energy in your lawn, on water, on birds, and in your pants so you'll never have to go without.


Super-strong ‘wonder material’ is made with just algae, water, and sunlight

Here are just a few of the things you could make with nanocellulose: a boat that can carry 1,000 pounds of cargo, bulletproof glass, wound dressings, electronic wallpaper.

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Judge blocks oil fracking on federal land in California

The Obama administration failed to adequately study the environmental impacts of fracking on public land in the Monterey Shale, a federal court ruled.

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Beyond less-bad to 100 percent fabulous: A chat with architect and sustainability thinker William McDonough

In McDonough's new book "The Upcycle," he and Michael Braungart think big about how we can remake society -- not to be less bad but to be really good.

Climate & Energy

How to explain the atmosphere with a soccer ball

The next time your climate-denying uncle says it's arrogant to assume people can affect the atmosphere, show him this.

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ExxonMobil wins safety award from corporate-backed group

The National Safety Council, whose board includes ExxonMobil execs, has bestowed a safety medal on the oil giant. Never mind that little tar-sands spill in Arkansas!