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WTO kills Ontario’s green jobs initiative

A program in Ontario that promoted renewable energy produced with locally manufactured equipment got slapped down by international trade bosses.

Carrotmob helps you give businesses a reason to make positive changes

It works like an inverse boycott. Rather than influence businesses by withholding money, customers can influence businesses by giving them money.

Youngstown, Ohio, voters on fracking: “Yes, please”

A ballot measure that would have outlawed fracking in the city went down in defeat after a business group heavily outspent anti-fracking activists.

Coal companies have gotten good at wrangling their way out of federal fines

Firms hit with safety citations routinely manage to get fines reduced, raising questions about the mine-safety system's effectiveness.

Grow your own glow-in-the-dark rose

Researchers who fantasize about using trees as street lights have already made smaller plants that glow.

Should America export its fracked gas? Why greens say no.

The rest of the world is eyeing the cheap natural gas produced by fracking in the U.S. Obama will soon decide whether we should share.

In the Gulf, a long history of oil spills and cover-ups

When the Deepwater Horizon spewed millions of gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico, we were horrorstruck. But wait, there’s more …

One nuke plant in Wisconsin will shutter, another in California might not be switched back on

Low-priced natural gas doomed the Wisconsin plant, while maintenance problems plague the San Onofre nuke facility along the Pacific coast.

Phone-charging, wifi-providing, levitating bike is one of the coolest concept bicycles we’ve seen

It charges. It hovers. It has batteries. It's a bike. It's a miracle.