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Fracking ourselves to death in Pennsylvania

A new generation of downwinders is getting sick as an emerging industry pushes the next wonder technology -- high-volume hydraulic fracturing.

Will natural-gas cars start to catch on?

It's relatively cheap to fill up a car with natural gas, thanks to the fracking boom. But natural-gas cars are still pricey and filling stations are still rare.

Cap-and-trade puttering along quite nicely in the Northeast U.S.

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative produced $1.6 billion in economic value for participating states, a new study finds. Yes, carbon trading can be good for the economy.

Think methane hydrates are the next big thing? Think again.

Renewables are on a much more solid path to affordability than methane hydrates.

Court says N.Y. town can outlaw fracking

Dryden and more than 50 other municipalities want to ban fracking in case New York's state moratorium is lifted. An appeals court said that's just fine.

This nuclear plant tried to fix a leak with plastic, tape, and broomsticks

That's fine if you're a college kid with a leaky pipe in a house that you pay $200 a month for to a landlord who lives in the Bahamas. But this is a nuclear power plant!

Watch a solar plane fly across America

The current leg of its trip will take the plane from California to Phoenix, but Solar Impulse is in it for the long haul, crossing the entire country in the next few weeks.

What if we never run out of oil?

New technology and a little-known energy source suggest that fossil fuels may not be finite. This would be a miracle -- and a nightmare.

Fracking threatens to escalate the West’s water wars

Nearly half of the country's fracking wells are located in water-stressed regions, so we might be seeing some ugly fights over water in the West.